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Edison Bar Downtown Los Angeles

The Edison in Downtown Los Angeles is one of the coolest bars in Los Angeles find out why!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Bourbon Milk Punch Cocktail Recipe

The Bourbon Milk Punch is a great cocktail especially for the holidays. Learn how to make the bourbon milk punch cocktail with this great recipe.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Minerva McGonagall

No picture of this cocktail available.


RIM glass with lime juice cocktail. Add the ingredients, mix and serve.

This drink recipe was submitted by one of our eerily charismatic readers, Angulique!

No nutritional information is currently available for this recipe or ingredient.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Special Okinawa

No picture of this cocktail available.

Mix all ingredients in a glass with ice.

This drink recipe was submitted by one of our readers superhuman, Shawn!

Nutrition Information †‡

Serving size: this recipe

‡: Does not Orange juice

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Stars And Stripes

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Attention Scotch Lovers

Loading ... Loading ...When I first tried coffee, I hated it.  When I first tried beer, I hated it.  When I first tried scotch I hated it.  What I’ve leared over the years is that taste buds evolve and become refined over time.  Now I can’t drink enough coffee in the morning and enough beer at night to quench my limitless thirst for these fine beverages.  Scotch, however is something I admit I’m still trying to conquer, but thanks to Master of Malt ( I’ve gotten my first glimpse of this new and exciting more sophisticated world of getting drunk.

Recently we were contacted by Master of Malt who offered to send us a scotch sampler pack for us to review.  Of course we welcome all free booze being sent our way and were promptly shipped 3 high end scotches.   Each type of scotch came in a cool sampling jar (picture shown) and contain premium scotches that might normally be out of your price range.  Especially as a newcomer to the scotch world, its painful to shell out £100 – £200 on a bottle of scotch without at least a little taste test first.   Apparently these little sampling jars are referred to as Drams and you can pick your poison on their website here:  Prices start at £1.95 and up depending on how old and premium the scotch is.  Really there is no limit to their stock of quality scotches.

Here are the samplers that we received:

Master of Malt Bowmore 26 Year Old

Ichiro’s Malt 1991 Five of Clubs

Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist 16 Year Old 1990

Now when the scotch arrived the dudes at Joe Bartneder were pretty excited.  Our plan was to have a sofisticated sampling session, offering our astute reviews of each of the 3 Drams provided by Master of Malt while smoking cigars and discussing world issues.  What ended up happening is we drank the Drams during a party and got too drunk to remember what we liked and what each Scotch tasted like (they were good though!).  It seems the dudes at Joe Bartender still have some growing up to do.  In either case I can still highly recommend Master of Malt as the perfect way to get your hands on some super high quality scotches at a very affordable price.  You won’t be disapointed.

Also with Christmas coming up there are some great ideas on their Whiskey Gift Page.  Take a look through these great Whiskey Gift Ideas.


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Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Hangover Cure – Part 2

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Well its no secret, the owners of Joe Bartender like to drink.  Luckily the word is out and some fine companies have been rushing to solve our greatest nemisis: the hangover.   First we had Zaca who provided us with their cool hangover patches, and now we have Drinkwel ( and their hangover pills.  These pills are the first multivitamin specially formulated for healthy people who drink, designed to replenish lost nutrients, support healthy liver function, and help prevent hangovers. Yea, everyone knows that kids have always had flinstone vitamins to look after their growing bones, its nice to know that for people who like to booze we have Drinkwel to look after punished livers!

The package we were provided with shipped with a bottle of pills and some cool single use packs for those on the road hangover emergencies.  I have been pretty consistent in taking my anti hangover pills and I think it helps.  For me the real help is those nights where you have a few pints and have to get up bright and early for work.  I find the multivitamins plus a few glasses of water really keeps you feeling great the next morning.

Give the Drinkwel hangover pills a try today and let us know how it worked for you!


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Friday, December 23, 2011

Black Mojito

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Kudos to the Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris for this recipe. It’s the best take on the mojito I’ve ever had.

- fresh mint leaves
- crystal sugar
- brown sugar
- fresh blackberries
- lime juice
- grapefruit vodka
- blackberry liqueur
- raspberry liqueur
- soda water

- Watch the video to see the proportions for this delicious cocktail. Some tips from Joe: Use 4 blackberries per mojito in a highball glass, and garnish with just 1 blackberry split in two. It’s likely you don’t have the same ingredients as our friend Thierry Hernandez, so you can substitute a wild berry or field berry vodka (from the Smirnoff/Absolut flavored series).comment on this

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My New Favorite Shot: Patron Black

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Let’s talk about doing shots. There is nothing like hammering down an intoxicating thimbleful of your favorite alcohol with a group of friends. A shot will take you to the next plateau and bring about that familiar cloudiness we all cherish. What else can make a gremlin desirable, transform a dirty porcelain bowl into a pillow or turn an inconspicuous location into a urinal? Now a shot doesn’t have to be an exercise in alcoholism, it can also be a tasty treat!

For me I’ve always hated hard liquor shots. Rum, Rye, Vodka, Gin, Grappa… Gross! Tequila is the exception, especially a fine Petron, lemon preferred. It is really the only hard liquor I can withstand, never mind actually desire.

As for the less ‘manly’ spirits, I used to enjoy a good Jagermeister. Maybe there was a night of excess I can’t recall but today that stuff just tastes like Buckley’s Cough Medicine to me – ‘Tastes bad but it works.’. I’ve had quite a bit of Southern Comfort in my day and i can still force a few down but the sweetness just screams migraine-style hangover. As a SoCo alternative I don’t mind the similar but smoother Disaronno.

Now onto the Petron Black coffee liqueur. This tequila based shot still sits at 35% alcohol so it definately packs a punch. When you first down the chilled black liquid you feel the shotgun blast warming head rush you normally expect from Tequila but with a delightful coffee aftertaste. Instead of having to neutralize your pallet by chugging a beer, you are going to want to savour the flavor of this decadent alcohol. With such a unique taste I certainly wouldn’t want to overdo this shot, especially with its expensive price tag but for now order me up another round.

What is your favorite shot?

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Flash Bartending Game – The Bar

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I was browsing around for a bartending flash game to play and found this one. Try it out and post your high score!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sailor Jerry Rum

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sailor_jerry.gifI drink a lot of rum. Specifically I drink a lot of Rum and Diet Cokes. That may sound like heresy, but try it. Rum with regular Coke is too sweet for me. The strange flavor of Diet Coke combined with the sweetness of rum really works for me. But that’s kind of off the point.

Since moving to Austin I have started frequenting TWIN LIQUORS which is within walking distance of my apartment. The first time I stopped in, it was to pick up my previous standby Captain Morgan. But then I noticed a bottle with a hula girl on it emblazoned with the name SAILOR JERRY. I figured if this rum was branded with the name of the famous tattoo artist it must have something going for it. Plus, it was only $14.99. I bought it, figuring I would at least have a cool bottle. As it turned out, I was VERY pleased with the contents inside.

This isn’t a tropical, coconut-y, girly rum. This is rum for tattooed sailors. First off, it’s 92-proof. But the flavor is really well balanced. It’s sweet but not too sweet, and it’s actually kind of spicy.

The Sailor Jerry website describes it like this: Distilled in the US Virgin Islands, this 92 proof spiced rum is based on the “customized” rums that sailors used to create when they had nothing better to do. Other rums are panty-waisted, soul-less (and ball-less in comparison.

That description is very accurate. This is rum with testosterone. This is a rum on a mission to rescue the reputation of rum from those who have turned it into a girly drink. It is damn good stuff.

It works great mixed with my old standby: Diet Coke. I know, not very manly. Even better… if you like it sweet, mix it with Vanilla Coke.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

America Votes: Obama Slamma vs. McCain Maverick

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or in Luxembourg, you’ve probably seen your share of coverage on the upcoming US presidential election. Since themed drinks seem to be a hot ticket on I thought I’d whip up two drinks in honor of each candidate and pit them head to head in the ultimate title match.

According to some highly scientific calculations, the winner of this challenge will, in fact, end up winning the US election; so vote with your heart (and your taste-buds).

First up is a drink in honor of Mr. Barack Obama:


1 oz Blue Curacao4 oz Florida Orange Juice3 oz Chilled (cheap) Champagne1 Maraschino Cherry

How to Make it:

You will want it ending up in a blue tinge as any true democratic drink should be, so mix the curacao and orange juice accordingly. Since it’s necessary that Obama win the state of Florida, ONLY Florida squeezed orange juice is acceptable. Barack has 1 car, and 1 house, so fill the Collins glass up with a dash of the cheapest champagne you can find. Garish with one bright red maraschino cherry to show some bipartisan support.


1 oz Prune Juice1 oz Light RumCrushed Ice from your favorite melting glacier (Alaskan if possible)5 Drops Red Food Coloring1 Maraschino Cherry1/4 tsp Superfine SugarRed Lipstick

How to Make it:

Since this drink is designed for those over the age of 72, prune juice is an essential (and challenging) ingredient. Mix the prune juice, sugar, light rum, and food coloring in a glass. The mixture should turn from a brown to Republican red color. Travel to Alaska and crush some ice from a glacier of your choice. Mix everything together in a plastic cup (since it is essentially made out of oil) and garnish with a maraschino cherry. Put some lipstick on the rim to signify that Sarah Palin approves. Best enjoyed while watching the movie Top Gun or any other film including a brazen Maverick.

Vote above to to impact the map: 

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Stock Market has Crashed; Bottoms Up…

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If you are like me and have some cashizzle tied up in the stock market or have a job thats dependent on the health of the economy, what better time then now is there to drown your sorrows in alcohol?

Sure health officials may warn against the magical combination of depression and booze, but sometimes it just feels like the right thing to do.  So now that the Dow has crashed, your boss has warned of impending layoffs and your Citibank margin purchase is haunting you, what will provide you the necessary salvation?

To try and visualize a good recommendation for the Joe Bartender readers, I tried to rember what alcohol is used in the movies.  You know, what would a regular dude order at bar when his family and friends have been murdered by a rogue govenment agency after he accidently witnessed a top government official get offed?  There is only one drink that came to mind.  That is Whiskey – Straight Up.

Now to get a little more specific, what type of whiskey should I drink.  Well since the American economy is the source of the pain its got to be an American Whiskey.  There are three types that fit the bill and they include:

Bourbon whiskey
Rye whiskey
Corn whiskey


as of 1941 good old fashion Tenesse Whiskey with the most famous brand of all:

- Jack Daniels -


Shoot it (Dow Jones down 200)
Pour it over ice (Dow Jones down 201 – 600)
Sip it neat in a Brandy Sniffer (Dow Jones down 601 – 850)
Hell, drink it straight from the bottle (Dow Jones down 850+)
Try enjoying some other Jack Daniels drinks from Joe Bartender

JB Economy is tanking Stock Pick:

Altria Group, Inc. (Public, NYSE:MO)
Industry: Tobacco
Nov 26 – Close: $15.87

Now I know a lot of the Joe Bartender followers are bartenders themselves.  What do you see pissed off folks drinking up after a hard day?  What is your ’stress reliever’ drink?

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Scientific Explanation of the Body Shot

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Does it really need an explanation?

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Sorry, I could not read the content fromt this page.

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Regulars: What Draws You to the Same Watering Hole?

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I’ve lived in 7 different places, and in each place I’ve always found a bar that becomes ‘my spot’. After about the 10th visit the bartenders start to recognize you, you get comfortable at the same table, and you’re going on a regular basis. In good times or bad, your regular hang-out can be a place to vent, celebrate, or just relax.

For me at my current spot that is about once a week, usually for a Hoegaarden or two. I recently got a kick-ass coffee table (or bar top) book, purely made up of photos of regulars (aptly titlled The Regulars) which is what got me thinking about the topic.

Sarah Stolfa is an extremely gifted photographer who took all the pictures as a student while bartending at McGlinchey’s bar in Philadelphia. Each photo depicts one person sitting at the bar where she worked, but they are more than just pictures. From all walks of life, and covering the spectrum of human emotion I find myself flipping through the book regularly, just picking a page and studying the image for a few minutes. Some look confused, some happy, some enthralled in work, some smoking an endless amount of cigarettes; every picture tells a story.

I find myself now trying to spot regulars at the bars I frequent. I think there’s a few key factors that draw me to the same bar more than once:

* the bartenders: I want a crew that can remember my name, make my drinks extra stiff and give me some ‘Regular’ attention when it gets busy
* the crowd: ah, the scenery; everyone loves a good view while you enjoy a pint or two but they key is laid back people you can talk to
* the environment: show me a patio with palm trees and Christmas lights. I’m sure some people prefer the classical dingy atmosphere you can find in the Regulars but I go out to escape. I want to feel like I’m on vacation.
* the location: If I can stumble home on the two foot express while grabbing a slice of pizza on route, then my night can be complete.

I wonder if I would make an interesting still life? Probably not. :P

What about you guys? What moves a bar from a one time visit to a routine stop?

You can grab the book I’ve been shamelessly plugging here:

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Who the Hell is Judging These Alcohol Tasting Competitions?

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For the past several months on my daily commute to work I have been greeted by an advertisement that I eventually had to follow up on.  The sign claimed that Iceberg Vodka was voted a gold medal at the 2009 Cannes Vodka competition.  Now I regard Iceberg as a lower level offering on par with Smironoff and Absolute so I was suprised by such a prestigous award.  I figured that maybe I could save some money on the Belvedere I typically purchase and make the switch to this inexpensive yet ‘highly premium’ vodka.  Not so fast.

Iceberg and the entire North American distillery industry should be ashamed.  A lot of these awards and competitions are a farce to drive up sales.  I guess the only way to determine what is good is to sample a variety of alcohols until you stumble upons something you like.

For the past several months on my daily commute to work I have been greeted by an advertisement that I eventually had to follow up on.  The sign claimed that Iceberg Vodka was voted a gold medal at the 2009 Cannes Vodka competition.  Now I regard Iceberg as a lower level offering on par with Smironoff and Absolute so I was suprised by such a prestigous award.  I figured that maybe I could save some money on the Belvedere I typically purchase and make the switch to this inexpensive yet ‘highly premium’ vodka.  Not so fast.

Now, I haven’t tried Iceberg Vodka and after investigating this ‘award’, nor will I ever.  I did some research and there was a very casual vodka tasting event at the Cannes FILM festival and here is the list of winners. Now I don’t even care who won that competition as the number of companies participating was tiny, the event was informl and was more of a PR stunt rather then a real competition.  Even more notable is the fact that Iceberg Vodka wasn’t even a participant.

I contacted the company asking them why they had this claim in their sign hoping that I had overlooked something but was completely ignored by them.  Its too bad they didn’t realize their poor customer service skills would result in negative publicity on a popular bartending website.

As a result of this entire ordeal I figured would hold its own tasting competition.  Real people testing real Spirits.  Lets get a consumers opinion on what is good and what isn’t, forget about these weird competition with so called experts.  What matters is when people like you and I order a Vodka water or a shot of Whiskey at the bar it tastes great.  Now despite emailing every North American distillery asking them to participate I did not get one company willing to enter.  What a crock!

Iceberg and the entire North American distillery industry should be ashamed.  A lot of these awards and competitions are a farce to drive up sales.  I guess the only way to determine what is good is to sample a variety of alcohols until you stumble upons something you like.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Apple Crumble in a Glass

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Who doesn’t like a nice slice of apple pie? What about a nice alcoholic beverage that tastes like liquid pie or crumble? Sure apple pie is good, but it’s not great if you’re trying to get drunk. This recipe is perfect as we wind summer down and step into fall.


1 oz of your favorite vodkaice cubes1 teaspoon of cinnamon4 oz of sparkling (or regular) apple juice

How to Make it:

Chill a rock glass and add a couple ice cubes. Add the vodka. Sprinkle a teaspoon of cinnamon over the ice . Finish off with the sparkling (or regular) apple juice. Give it a quick stir and serve. Just like granny used to make it.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Legitimate Hangover Cure?

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So the other day I was watching a show where a startup company was looking to bring to market a hangover patch (similar in concept to the nicotine patch) which would pump your body full of vitamins while you consumed alcohol, all with the purpose of reducing or eliminating a hangover.  I was intrigued.  Now, I have heard of hangover pills but they require too much work and with the amount of liquid you consume while boozing you are bound to be peeing out most of the beneficial ingredients.  With a patch, you slap it on, the vitamins get absorbed throughout your skin all the while you can pound back drink after drink without worry.  This makes sense.

hangover patchAfter a search on the Internet I found a company called Zaca which is already marketing this kick ass  concept.  The cost is $19.99 for a 6 patches, with discounts available for larger purchases.  At over $3 per patch it isn’t exactly cheap but it can be less than the price of even one drink at the bar.  I figured if I was going to buy 12 drinks to make me feel terrible, the cost of one drink to make me feel better would totally be worth it.

After no deliberation I immediately went ahead and placed my order.  Within minutes, I received an email from Mark of Zaca with some immediate, pressing concerns.  Since I live in Canada and the product was shipping from the US he wanted to give me the heads up that my order may not arrive for St. Patty’s Day, which was just around the corner.  Right then and there I could tell that I had made the right decision.

drunkApproximately a week later (just missing my St. Patty’s boozefest) I was excited to receive my hangover patches in the mail.  Of course, it didn’t take long to put those patches to a good challenge as the next Friday was yet another piss up.   After cracking my first bevy I slapped a patch on my left shoulder and proceeded to party like it was 1999.  An entertaining night flew by and after a solid dozen or so drinks I found myself stumbling home with a big slice in hand coming to a crash in my bed where the room spun me to sleep.

hangover cureThe next morning I awoke, still feeling intoxicated as the patches do not suppress alcohol (thankfully).   After grabbing a cup of Joe and whipping up some eggs and toast I found my body really rebounding from the night before.  Normally hangover + exercise = booze sweats + nausea but not today, nor any of the days that I have used the patch.  I actually went for a solid 8 km (5 mi) run that day and felt great afterwards.  After going through 5 sessions with the hangover patch now I can tell you the results are very consistent.

I do have one complaint, and its that I still feel the ‘blahs’ the next day.  Those emotional lows related to depleted seratonin resulting from excessive drinking.  After some research I wasn’t surprised to determine the patch is missing the ingredients that may have dealt with that issue.  Here is a quote from a website talking about the effects alcohol has on stress / depression:

“Certain nutrients are needed by the body in order for it to manufacture chemicals that dampen anxiety. Alcohol causes depletion of vitamin B6 and Folic acid, the very nutrients needed for us t0 be in optimum psychological health enabling us to cope with stress. It also stimulates the release of the stress hormone adrenaline and interferes with the amino acid tryptophan which is used to manufacture serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical involved in sleep and mood regulation.” –

The patch has a lot of great ingredients but no B6 or Folic Acid (Maybe in the Hangover Patch V2???).  Here is the 11 different organic ingredients who’s benefits in reducing your hangover are described here:

Prickly PearMilk ThistleThiamine (B1)Lipoic AcidB5B3TaurineLycopeneNACMagnesiumVitamin C

So in conclusion your hangover isn’t eliminated, but your body will thank you for wearing these patches while you drink.  No longer will alcohol prevent you from eating a good meal, or exercising the next day.  If you want to give it a go, try ordering the hangover topical patch from Zaca and post back to the blog to let us know how it worked for you.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Low Calorie Cocktail Ideas

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Every year when summer rolls around, bartenders get asked by customers about which cocktails and mixed drinks are the lowest in calorie. Everybody wants a beach body in time for summer. (Hint: If you’re starting now, you’re too late!) In my opinion, if you are out drinking, losing weight is not really your priority. But, then I started thinking about the amount of calories that are in certain drinks and by making a few switches it really is possible to cut out quite a few calories. Here are some cocktail substitution ideas that will get your body ready for a bikini this year.


Mojito (160 calories, 15 g sugars)


LONG ISLAND ICED TEA (700 calories, 40 g sugars)

Skip the LIT and go for a Mojito and you’ll be saving 520 calories. That’s pretty substantial.


COSMOPOLITAN (150 calories, 12 g sugars)


MARGARITA (500 calories, 32 g sugars)

That’s a substantial difference – 350 fewer calories. Sure the drinks aren’t exactly the same, but the typical Margarita is loaded with calories and sugar due to the sweet & sour mix.


Bloody Mary (150 calories, 10 g sugars)


Pina Colada (625 calories, 75 g sugars)

This one is pretty much common sense. Avoid the sugary syrupy sweetness of the Pina Colada and you’ll save 475 calories.

With a little restraint and clear thinking, it’s possible to really reduce the amount of calories the next time you hit your favorite bar.

Source: Men’s Health

Photo by Frederic della Faille.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Finish Your Whisky or Beer: Closing Time for World’s Oldest Bartender

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For many, bartending is a college gig, something to do part time, or a great way to meet attractive members of the opposite sex. Angelo Cammarata on the other hand, has rang the bell for last call and hung up his mixer after 77 years of service.

Now 95, he has been bartending at Cammarata’s, a bar he started since the stroke of midnight, April 7, 1933. What’s even more amazing about this, is that this was the very second prohibition ended in the United States. Check out more on an interview with him here.


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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Halloween Drink Recipes

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meeeowwwww! It’s that time of year again friends, and as you might have guessed, I’m dressing as a fireman.

Halloween is right around the corner so it’s time to turn our attention from sweet summer-y drinks to concoctions that are more in touch with the dark side. I’m talking about drinks inspired by ghosts, goblins and creepy supernatural events. These drinks may have some bloodcurdling names, but trust me… the taste really good.

I’ll try and update this page from now until Halloween with some clever drink recipes to both scare an intoxicate your Halloween party guests this year. Bookmark this page for an in-progress list of all our Halloween cocktails. Here are a few to get you started:

Black Witch

Flaming Pumpkin Pie

Salem Witch

Green Ghost

Witches Brew

Here’s a drink I whipped up for some friends this week. It had some great reviews:

Pumpkin Pie Martini

12 oz of your favorite vodka
1/3 can of pumpkin pie filling
1 cinnamon stick
3 cloves
5 drops of vanilla
whipped cream

Mix together the vodka, pumpkin pie filling, vanilla, and cloves in a large bowl or bottle (something you can seal later). The pumpkin pie filling will be quite thick, so ensure you give it a thorough mixing. Add in cinnamon stick, seal it up, and leave it for at least 24 hours in the refridgerator.

When you’re ready, open up the mixture and filter out the pumpkin infused vodka. strain the vodka to a martini glass and top with whipped cream. For extra credit, crush up some ginger snaps and use as rimmer on the glass, or top with a fun Halloween cookie from your mom.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hot Bartenders Dancing: The Key to Selling More Alcohol

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Oh my.

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Sorry, I could not read the content fromt this page.

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Absinthe – The Green Fairy

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I’m sure many of you have heard all kinds of rumours about Absinthe. Here is the straight up truth, Absinthe, with or without wormwood and high thujone levels will not make you high or hallucinate.  Yes, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Back in the 1800s, Absinthe, which was incredibly popular at the time was used as a scapegoat for the murderous rampage of some individual and banned in France.  Many countries followed suit.  In the 1970s an incorrect research paper claimed thujones had the same molecular shape as THC found in marijuana and thus the same chemical reactions.  All these elements have shrouded the spirit in mystery and misunderstanding.

Enough with the science.

One thing is for sure: Absinthe gets you messed up.

However, the reason being is it’s high alcohol content (45 – 75%).  After drinking it, some people report a different sort of buzz and I’m going to agree.  I’m sure many of you have found that drinking whiskey vs wine vs beer all provide a different drunken experience.  Absinthe is no different.

JoeBartender was lucky enough to have some free samples of  Le Tourment Vert sent to us to test out (Thanks Kayla).  I had my drink after a few beers and there is no doubt, it kicked my ass.  My delicious Sundance Lift zoned me out and sent me to bed for the night.

Often Absinthe is mixed with water and some burning carmelized sugar, but there are actually some tasty recipes out there.  Here are a few provided by Le Tourment Vert branded Absinthe:

Le Tourment Vert Poison Apple Martini
Le Tourment Vert Triple French Martini
Le Tourment Vert Tourment Trance
Le Tourment Vert Green on Main
Le Tourment Vert Sundance Lift

For those of you who have tried Absinthe how did it make you feel? Did you see the lucky charms leprechaun flying around the room after a glass, did it get you wasted, or did it just make you sleepy, or maybe wasted and sleepy?

Let us know!

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Bartending Robot. He Even Asks for Tips!

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World’s greatest invention of all time? I thought so too. Although does this mean I might be out of work soon? First my job as a bank teller and now this. In all seriousness, this robot was created at Total Manufacturing Company in Lincoln Nebraska, America’s new Silicon Valley.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mixology 101 with Joe Bartender

Loading ... Loading ... For those of you that have followed JoeBartender for the last few months you will have noticed a massive site overhall.  We completely redesigned the site from scratch with a brand new look, logo and layout.  Admist all that change there is something we didn’t want anyone to overlook, and that is the new Drink Finder (you can find the link at the top of the screen). We have added thousands of drink recipies to our database and have put together one of the most advanced drink searching utilities available on the net.  Here is a quick little tutorial to help you get started cranking our recipies using the tool:

1.  Basic Drink Finder

</p> The purpose of the basic drink finder is to search by drink name.  So if you are looking for martini recipies then put ‘Martini’ in your drink search.  If you want to find something specific, try typing in ‘Twisted Stache’.  The basic drink finder can help you dig up the recipie of your favoire cocktail.

2.  The Advanced Drink Finder

<br />

The second tool is the custom developed advanced drink finder.  Here you can select any of the ingredients you have laying around your home and the drink finder will look through our huge database of drinks looking for a match, and list all the possibly drinks you can make given your ingredients.  It’s been a lot of work getting this tool to function so that it benefits people the most.  Please post your feedback and we will keep making adjustments.

3.  Results

<p> </p>

Regardless of how you search you will be directed to the same resuilts page.  It provides the drink names, and ingredients of the matching drink results sorted by rating.

Now you may notice that not a lot of drinks have currently been rated yet and thats because our rating system is new to!  In order to rate a drink simply click on a drink and click on the number of stars you would like to give it.

Ok, so now that I’ve taught you how to use some of the new Joe Bartender features, try them out and let us know what you think!

- JB

Popularity: 30% [?]

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Apple Mountain

No picture of this cocktail available.


1 dash Schnapps, apple1 dash Vodka, apple1 can Energy Drink

Mix alcohol first, then top with energy drink.

This drink recipe was submitted by one of our damn fine readers, little niki!

No nutritional information is currently available for this recipe or ingredient.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


No picture of this cocktail available.

Shake everything with ice, strain into a cocktail glass.

This drink recipe was submitted by one of our dashing readers, Buzzdragon!

Nutrition Information †‡

Serving size: this recipe

‡: Does not include Schnapps, apple

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Amaretto Alexander

No picture of this cocktail available.

Put everything into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a brandy snifter. Sprinkle nutmeg on top.

Nutrition Information †‡

Serving size: this recipe

‡: Does not include Cream, Nutmeg

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ABC Bar Tending School

Everywhere the world over, drinks are a crucial part of parties, weddings and other social functions. Drinks come in different tastes and are either alcoholic or non alcoholic. If you want to serve you guests with the best mix, then you need a professional bartender. I am here to tell you of ABC Bar tending School where they train people to become experts as far as drinks are concerned.

A bartender needs to know which drinks to mix to get what results. He should also know how to do this at a high speed without messing up the drinks or infuriating the people he is serving be they guests in a party or customers in a bar. They are also taught how to know different drinks by their names and also how to serve a multiplicity of people without mixing up their orders or getting them wrong. No wonder you will see these bartenders swooping lots of glasses of drinks across the room and delivering them right to the intended person.

A good school is one in which one gets to learn not just the practicals, but also gets a chance to acquire other intangible qualities that are in most cases not taught in a classroom setting. In ABC Bar tending School, people are conditioned to handling pressure in a mature way without venting out their anger on other people and maintain sanity in the midst of unpleasant situations.

ABC Bar tending School produces expert bartenders because it not only deals with ideas of how to make a great bartender, but give facts for practical applications in real life situations to their students.

Peter Gitundu Creates Interesting And Thought Provoking Content on Wine. For More Information, Read More Of His Articles Here WINE SUPPLIES If You Enjoyed This Article, Make Sure You SUBSCRIBE TO MY RSS FEED!

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How to Do Bartending Tricks

In the bartending industry, they call it flair. It looks good and it makes people want to buy more drinks. That's great if you own a bar. But, some flair is still nice to know for your home bar tricks when you're entertaining friends and family.

Get a Feel

The first thing to do is get a feel for the bottles you'll be flipping. Pick up the tin and flip it in your hands. Grab different sized bottles and flip them, making sure you notice the different weights and measurements. You can condition your brain to immediately recognize the feel of a certain bottle if you hold it long enough and try a few tricks with it.

First Trick

This basic trick is what they practically teach everyone first when they go to bartending school. Hold the bottle in your right hand and the tin in your left. You can switch it later if you want, but learn the fundamentals first.

Swing the bottle under and around to your left arm. At that point, you are going to release it and flip it back over to its original position where your right hand should return to immediately. It's a simple flip and you should do the motions a few times before you actually let go of the bottle for your first time.

Beer Bottle

Beer bottle opening can be quite interesting if you have a bottle opener that is long and flat. This will allow you to have a handle you can use for various tricks. With the beer bottle sitting on the bar, take your bottle opener and hook it to the beer cap.

This is done the same way that you would when you normally open a beer bottle with a bottle opener except that when you get tension, use that tension to do your tricks. Pick the bottle up with the bottle opener. The tension created between the bottle opener and the bottle cap will give you enough stability to be able to lift the bottle. Get a feel for it and you are ready!

You can learn different tricks to do, but my favorite is around the head. You can twirl the beer bottle around the back of your neck and then quickly pop the cap before handing your amazed friend a beer. It's beautiful flair and when worked on enough, you can create your own sense of style when it comes to twirling beer bottles with bottle openers.

Flairing the Ice

Even something as simple as putting ice into a glass can be interesting. You need an ice scoop to really make this one fun and show your friends an exciting time. This is the kind of trick that if you pull it at just the right moment, you'll have your friends wondering if they actually saw something cool or if their eyes were playing tricks on them.

Have your glass upside down when you perform this trick. Grab it in the upside down position and scoop ice out of the ice bin at the same time. Pull the scoop up to the glass. The palm of your hand holding the glass should be pointing upward, in the perfect position to now flip the glass around in a circle with the scoop still at the top of the glass to make it a bigger presentation.

But, add a step. Once you've done your flip, make sure to keep one last piece of ice in the scoop that you can flip behind your back and catch in your glass. All in one motion, that is a beautiful trick that will catch your friends off guard.

Bartending tricks have been around since bartending. For everything we do, we try to add a little flair to our jobs and make them as interesting as we can. That is especially when we know we are being watched. You may not be much of a bartender. Having a home bar doesn't mean you have to learn. But, you'll have fun and your friends will enjoy it right with you.

Stan Schubridge is a beer enthusiast who loves tasting new beers and attending beer events. Staying up to date on new innovations in beer and beer products keeps Stan on top of the beer world. You can read a great deal about beer from beer brewing to new inventions at Beertaps Learning Center. Stay up to date with invaluable beer and home bar information by subscribing to our newsletter. While you're there, take a look at our Beertaps Store and get anything you need for your own home bar.

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Secrets to Becoming a Successful Bartender

A bartender is a person who serves drinks and beverages in bars, taverns and similar places. A bartender is also referred to as a barkeeper, a tapster, a barmaid, a barman or a mixologist. There are many bartenders in Canada.

To become a successful bartender, one has to have the skills and knowledge required by the job. Professional bartenders enjoy rewarding but very demanding careers. Highly trained bartenders are expected to offer high quality work to their customers in different occasions. They are often involved in corporate functions, engagements, weddings, confirmations, holiday parties, private parties and even boat cruises. A good number of licensed bartenders travel with their tools of trade to various venues giving them exposure and experience. This diversity earns them much money. Toronto bartending has several licensed bartenders involved in this kind of service.

So, what makes a good bartender in Ontario? To start with highly trained bartenders should be licensed. Licensed bartenders have freedom of movement and choice. They can move within lawfully allowed areas to offer their services without restrictions. Most of the highly trained bartenders involved in Toronto bartending are licensed bartenders. Having a license has the added advantage of being able to start a personal business and be recognized by bartending agencies and companies. It also adds credibility to the bartenders' business and personal portfolio.

Another highly trained bartender's secret is the knowledge of different drinks and their recipes. A good bartender, being also a mixologist is expected to know different kinds and mixtures of beer, milkshakes, softdrinks, soups, cocktails, coffee and wine among others. There are various bartending online and offline resource material and courses that offer knowledge on thousands of drink recipes and mixtures. Toronto has opened several bartending schools and institutions to offer such courses. Toronto bartending schools and institutions rank among the best in the world.

The other important aspect on drinks for highly trained bartenders is knowledge of glassware. Some customers prefer taking specific drinks in specific glassware. The Martini drink for instance is usually served in its signature glass. Another useful tip on drinks is to know how to stir one before serving it. The drink's ingredients are first poured into the mixing glass, slowly stirred in the clockwise direction and then poured on some cold ice inside the glassware. This practice is common in Toronto bartending.

Highly trained bartenders are also expected to be good event managers. The events may range from weddings to birthday parties and the bartender is expected to supervise over wait staff and servers. Most licensed bartenders are managers by virtue of owning the bars they tend in. As managers they also take payments, ensure that there are enough supplies and keep inventory records. Some bars also offer counseling services to the clientele, with the managers being at times called upon to answer various questions on issues like directions and sports. This is the case for several Toronto bartenders. As a manager therefore, the bartender serves as the public image of the bar.

Toronto Bartenders Agancy where we specialize in offering bartenders and waitresses to fully stocked your bars, be it a Martini bar, a Vodka bar, Shooters, as well as Beer, Wine and Soft Drink bars.

Visit: Toronto Bartenders Services

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What Do I Get From Bartending Training?

Are you interested in obtaining a bartending license in Maryland?

Well, there isn't a technical bartending "license", but you can obtain a bartending certificate through a licensed bartending school. It is like a license for good employment though; bartending employers search out a bartending college certification as

What Do I Get From Training And A Certification?

Bartending is a wide and diverse field, but there are many standard practices that the best employers are looking for. From expert mixology classes to learning the best methods for working a crowd, a bartender school will get you prepared for the real world of bartending.

Other than securing a job, a bartending certification will provide you with the skills to achieve the best wages, the best positions, and the most profitable shifts. Across Maryland, employers say that a reputable bartending college affects their choice when hiring new bartenders.

What You Learn?

Obviously, the most important part of the job is to serve good drinks and cocktails to your customers.

Other than mixing popular cocktails you will learn:

Methods of mixing
Liquor arrangements
Opening and closing procedures
Bartending recipes
Tricks (aka, Flair)
Crowd Management
How to Please For Better Tips

Bartending Laws in Maryland

There are a couple of pertinent laws in Maryland that relate to your ability to bartend in the state.

Minimum Serving Age: In this state, you must be at least 21 years of age to serve alcohol. To work as a busboy or bar-back you need only be 16, but there is no handling of alcohol allowed in these positions.
Required Training: Every bartender in Maryland must undergo an alcohol awareness-training program prior to being hired and serving alcoholic beverages to customers.
Certification Renewal: In order to continue work as a bartender, an alcohol awareness-training program must be completed every four years.

Bartending Certificate as a "License"

Though, a certification is not a license per se, it is a piece of paper that gives you a special edge over your competition.

Additionally Maryland law does require a safety course for people working behind the bar, and this requirement is fulfilled with your bartending education.

Finding a bartending job, without prior experience, can be hard. Good there are bartending schools that teach you how to bartend throughout all of America. Bartending could be an extremely lucrative career if you have the heart and passion for it. If you are looking for a great Virginia bartending school that teaches you how to mix drinks and make people happy, there is only one place to go. Contact the Maryland Bartending Academy!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Joy of Bartending, and How To Get There

Why would you want to be a bartender? There are quite a few reasons one might consider becoming a bartender. The money is probably the biggest reason most people become a bartender: a good bartender in a busy venue can work part time and make a decent full time income. If you enjoy meeting people, this is just another reason to work in the hospitality industry - bartenders meet new people almost every night they work. Also, bartending is probably one of the most fun jobs you can have.


Most people tip a minimum of $1 per drink, if they pay for each drink in cash. If they run a tab, the base tip is considered 15% and a good tip is around 20% if you do your job well. There are people who tip even more. If you serve 200 drinks in one night and everyone's paying cash, that's going to translate to around $200 in your pocket for a short, fun shift. If they're all running tabs, your sales at the end of the night are going to be around $400 on 200 drinks, if it's a $2 beer night and everyone got the cheap beer. At 20%, that's $80 which is actually a lowball estimate because a lot of people are still going to buy more expensive, higher-end drinks. On top of the tips you'll be making (which you can see are impressive), you'll also be getting paid an hourly wage to supplement your tips, as well as potential tip share if you make drinks for servers or cocktail waitresses. With your hourly wage and tip sharing, your income grows very quickly and there's a potential to make a lot of money.

Meeting People

In most venues, bartending is a very social job. Your job will consist of meeting, talking to, and entertaining the various guests in the establishment. You'll get to know many new people in this line of work as there's almost always someone new coming in. You will meet, talk to and enjoy the company of many new people on a regular basis. Who knows? Your job may even introduce you to new friends or a romantic interest?


The fun or party atmosphere associated with most bars or clubs means you're going to have a more relaxed working environment. Dress code guidelines are generally less strict, and the patrons generally rely on the bartender for good conversation. Many bartenders have an arsenal of tricks, jokes and conversation skills to keep their patrons interested and enjoying themselves. Your patrons will spend more time with you if you're fun, and the longer they stay, the more they spend. Obviously, the more they spend the more they tip - so your income is directly related to how entertained you can keep your patrons.

Getting There

Now you know why you want to be a bartender, so how do you get there? You could take the long, hard way as a server or a barback, but no one likes the long hard way. Is there an easier way?

The answer is yes. As a server or a bartender it could take you months or even years to pick up everything you need to know to be a successful bartender. Instead, you can attend a bartender's school. These schools are designed to give you all the basic information you'll need to be successful in most any bar environment in a short time, so you can jump into the fray without having to worry about learning the basics with everything else going on around you.

You can expect to learn around 100 of the most popular and classic recipes that you'll need to know in most any bar. You'll learn by watching a professional bartender mix the drink in front of you, explaining what's being done and why and then repeating the process yourself until you're comfortable with the process.

You can also expect to learn basic such as customer service, garnishes, and the correct glasses to serve drinks in. Also, basic beer and wine knowledge will be taught such as how to properly poor a draft beer (yes, there's a proper way) and how to pour a glass of wine and present a bottle of wine.

There will be a short class on alcohol responsibility, and a certification that you passed. This course involves how to properly check IDs and how to spot fakes, as well as state and federal laws regarding the sale and serving of alcohol. You'll know how to spot a fake ID and when you should cut someone off after this short course.

Many schools will help you find a job with a job placement service. Through deals with bars, the schools can help you find a job at many of the bars and clubs in and around the area you attend school in to help you get real experience behind a real bar.

When you're looking for a school, make sure you pay attention to how they teach. A lot of bartender's schools, unfortunately, have become scams. You want relatively new books and text materials, as well as a professional classroom setup. The good schools will have classrooms that look and feel like a real bar when you walk in. You should see everything you'd expect in a real bar: a bar, bar stools, three compartment steel sink, soda gun, speed racks, ice bins, and real liquor bottles. (The liquid inside the bottles is not real liquor, but a special liquid made to look and act like the liquor it's supposed to be.) This allows you to get a real feel for working behind a real bar. Some may have "workstations" that look like miniature bars. Don't settle for a school that you wouldn't have a drink in, chances are they're a ripoff.

Now that you know what to look for in a school, and why you would benefit from going to a bartender's school, get out there and start learning. Once you've finished the class, you won't regret the choice and should be making money and having fun in your new job soon. Enjoy your new vocation, whether you just need some extra cash or you're wanting to make a full time living slinging drinks.

Bartending schools can give you a serious advantage when you're looking for a job in the hospitality industry by teaching you the basics of mixology and drink pouring in a controlled environment. Click here to learn more about bartending school.

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Bartending School: 10 Questions for Aspiring Bartenders

Becoming a Bartender

We all have one point seen ourselves behind the bar slinging drinks like Tom did in his famous movie role. But before we do, there are few things we must consider:

Are we ready to give up our weekends?
Is working late hours something we are comfortable with?
Are we what we call a "people person"?
Can we take orders and remain calm under pressure?
Do we deal with patrons that could become rude and rowdy?

Bartending can be a very lucrative and reward career. For others, it can be a simple sideline job while in school. Whatever it may be, bartending does require certain skills that can be taught in bartending schools and experienced in the line of fire.

A professional bartender understands both the needs of the clients and what is required to become effective during service. A bartender's quick check list:

Is my liquor inventory up to par?
Is my beer inventory properly stocked?
Are my fruits and condiments prepared?
Do I have enough ice?
Does my till have enough change?

A bartender knows what can be called the "golden hours" at which point all they do is take orders and serve drinks. To maximize the full potential, preparation is key.

Bartending School

An important part of any hospitality environment is the personnel they hire. Hospitality operators at times struggle to find the right people. In regards to hiring the right people for your bar, you may consider giving extra attention to a resume that does include a bartending school certificate or recognition.

Bartending schools are designed to teach people how to serve at the bar. They follow all the theories pertaining to the industry and then will add their personal experiences which they have lived.

Why consider a certified bartender:

Knowledge of recipes
Methodology of makes drinks is taught: beers, wines and cocktails
Proper service techniques
Importance of liquor inventory management
Enhanced customer relation

It is also a good idea to call the bartending school as both a reference in regards to the employee you are considering, but also a way to create a relationship with the school for future staffing needs. The right school with the right reference can totally aid you in getting into and succeeding in the bar industry. Also look into specialty schools to help fill niche bartending roles

Education is gold and your "liquid" assets sales will only benefit from it.

Scannabar has been in the hospitality inventory and consulting business for over 10 years and brings over 20 years of combined experiance. If you found this article helpfull and are interested in learning more please visit our blog at: or if you are interested in seeing what solutions Scannabar might have to offer you visit us at:

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How to Become a Bartender

In my many years behind the bar, one of the questions that I seemed to get asked quite often (especially from the younger crowd) is, "How do I become a bartender?"

Well, the most traditional ways are to either go to Bartender's School or to start off as a server and to work your way up. To tell you the truth, I do not recommend Bartending School at all. Not that they do not provide good knowledge, it's just that after you graduate and have spent upwards of $500 in most cases, you usually can only get a job as a server anyway. In that case, why spend the money? As a server you already have your foot in the door with management, you have an opportunity for "on-the-job-training", you can learn the specialty drink recipes of that particular establishment, and you can watch a more experienced bartender at work. If you want to attend Bartending School while you are serving, make sure your boss/ manager knows what you are doing and understands your intentions... To get behind his bar ASAP!

There are other reasons that I do not recommend Bartending Schools. I went to one and I enjoyed it,I had already been tending bar for a few years when I went but I learned how certain drinks got their name, a few recipes (probably about 50), and how to waste my time and money. I even taught at a bartending school for a while, that was very satisfying since I love to teach, but for as much as they charge they sure didn't pay well at all. The whole problem was... they didn't teach "How to become a bartender". They basically just teach the theory of mixology. You do not get at all prepared for the life of a bartender.

The life of a bartender is different than that of any other occupation out there. There are 2 quotes in the movie "Cocktail" that say it all: 1."There is no greater place to learn life's lessons than behind three feet of mahogany." and my favorite #2, "Bartenders are the aristocracy of the working class." Plus, what can I say, the money is great!

So I still haven't answered the question "How to become a bartender". My advice, first get yourself an up-to-date bartender's guide that has drink recipes included. You can find a couple of good ones on-line for $15-$50. Memorize the recipes, the type of drinks that they are, what kind of glass they go in, and their proper mixing methods. I recommend making flash cards with the name of the drink on one side, and all the other information listed on the other. There are two advantages to this, one is that you learn while you are writing, you learn as you quiz yourself, and you have the beginnings of an awesome drink Rolodex. That Rolodex will end up being your best friend in the future, trust me. I actually still use my Rolodex, every time I come across a new recipe I get it in the Rolodex ASAP. I have over 5,000 drinks in there now. Once you feel comfortable with your basic knowledge, start checking out the bars you think you might want to work at.

Now here comes the secret that I use, it works every time. Sit at the bar that you have chosen. Drink slow and drink mature. I recommend ordering a "dark beer" and maybe a high-dollar bourbon on the rocks (something mysterious). Watch everything that the bartender is doing, and give complimentary comments when applicable. Drink no more than 4 drinks total and stay for no longer than 2 hours. Ask the bartender when he/she works again, leave a huge tip (at least 30%) then quietly walk out. The next time he/she works, go in and order the same thing. It will probably be sitting there before you even sit down (good bartenders always remember a good tipper). This time strike up a conversation with him/her as you drink. Talk knowledgeably about different drink recipes, you can always open with, "So how do you make YOUR 'Sex on the Beach'?" Pretty much all bartenders make them different, then tell them your recipe that you have memorized. But basically just talk to them about the business. Once again, ask when they work again, tip really big,and skedaddle. Then on the third visit, when you are asked what you are having... "I'm actually just having a water tonight. I am interested in working here. Is there any way I can meet with your manager?" You don't even know it, but you have an in, by the time you actually meet with the manager/owner he already knows all he needs to know about you. The bartender has filled him in, and you are either hired or the next to be hired in that establishment. CONGRATULATIONS!

To learn more on how you can become a bartender check out "So Ya Wanna Be A Bartender" only available at To join my mailing list so that you can receive bar tips, bar jokes, and drink recipes all in your in-box sign up for my mailing list at

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How to Become a Top Bartender and Earn More Money

Is being a bartender really your passion? Are you fond of showing your bartending skills to your peers? Are you somebody who is outgoing and connects easily with other people? Do you enjoy being in the social-scene most of the time? Is working late more appealing to you? Then, bartending is really for you!

Being a bartender means you have to engage yourself in the hospitality industry, which means, you deal mostly with various people in different locations, wherever your job might bring you. Bartending is indeed a very rewarding profession, with great pay and flexible work schedules however as a bartender, you must remember that most of your income comes from the tips given by your customers. So you need to have that special something in you to retain your clients and attract new prospective clients. Do you wish to standout in your chosen profession? Here are some tips on becoming the best bartender you can be:

Total awareness of the details

You must pay attention to what your clients are asking from you. Like for example: Your client orders 10 drinks and wants them at the same time; focus and listen well to your guest, so that you'll be able to give out their orders correctly without having to let them repeat the ordered drinks a lot of times.

Maintain a cool mood most of the time

You need to be calm despite of working under pressure. Being calm means you have good command of your work as a bartender.

Good Memory. Know your Drinks by heart!

There are so many drinks available all over the world (beers, wines, cocktails, spirits, etc.), all coming with different varieties and preparations; and having to deal with them could get tricky, not to mention the large volume of customers - both the regular and the new comers that you also have to transact with. Having a good memory plays an important part in the bartending world. You also have to make your own strategies so as to be able to remember all mixed drinks, like learning the mnemonics of the recipes to make your job a lot easier.

There are however, some thirsty customers from across the bar who likes to try out something new. You could offer them some suggestion of you personal choice or you could ask them about their preferences so that you'd have an idea of what they wanted for a drink. It is vital that you keep in mind the drinks that your clienteles order moderately and also make an effort to experiment on the new ones, in case a customer would ask for your suggestion for a good drink.

Needs to be good in math

Being a bartender does not only mean giving out drinks. You also have to know your mixing proportions especially with mixed drinks. You also need to be quick in making change, so a good math skill is needed.

Stay looking sharp

You need to be well-groomed when you are a bartender. This is to show people that you are a professional and that your work is dignified. However, this also can depend on the theme of the bar you are working.

Good Inter-personal skills

As a bartender you mingle with different kinds of people everyday. In order to make them as regular customers of your bar, especially those who give generous tips, you have to have a good personality and treat them nicely. Also, never let work pressure get the best of you especially when you are so busy at the bar and you still have to deal with some regular customers who have had much of a drink.

Act Professionally

Some pubs or bars have their themes. As the bartender of a themed bar, you have to merge with the bar. This means that you have to blend in it by dressing-up to fit in. However, despite of what you look like or what you wear, always act in a decorous manner so as to gain respect.Act Professionally

Some pubs or bars have their themes. As the bartender of a themed bar, you have to merge with the bar. This means that you have to blend in it by dressing-up to fit in. However, despite of what you look like or what you wear, always act in a decorous manner so as to gain respect. You also have to be friendly and courteous in dealing with your customers, however, you have to be firm with them. You have to be courageous and determined especially when your patrons tend to become unruly after a few drinks. If you think that your regular guest and/or patron have had too much to drink, you have the liberty to tell them so in a manner that's polite.

Team player

Remember that in some bars, especially the high-volume ones you are not the only bartender working there. There are other bartenders as well. So, to make your work a lot easier, you have to have good working relationships with your colleagues.

Know your customers

You have to know your regular customer's name. Develop a good professional relationship with them. Your customers would have more of a reason for coming over at your bar for a drink if they see that they are being treated nicely.

These are just some of the helpful ways on how to become a top bartender. As long as you are determined and you persevere, you could always stand-out.

Don't get scammed by a Bartending School Learn to memorize hundreds of mixed drinks fast with the very unique mnemonic training system. Please visit for more information.

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Bartender Secrets - Wisdom From Behind the Bar

The bartender has a bit of a reputation for being wise, comforting, understanding, and even a little bit powerful. The overseer of the local watering hole, these people tend to have a certain amount of authority, deciding who will be served when, who has had too much to drink, controlling the environment, making peace amongst the patrons, and calling in backup if things get out of hand. Even in cases where the bartender is clearly an employee of someone else, it is still up to them to lead the bar, setting the pace and tone for the space and generally making sure everyone has as good a time as possible.

There are many paths that one can take to become a bartender. Most people start at the bottom, gaining jobs as bus boys, waiters, or bar backs, and working their way up. In these cases, the bartender has an intimate knowledge of the industry, understanding the nature of the business, the establishment, and hospitality services in general. This is the most all inclusive, well rounded knowledge, and it can lead to one very specific type of bartender.

Another path involves schooling. There are a variety of bartending academies that will, over the course of a week or two, train students in the art of mixing and serving drinks. Often these courses have a heavy emphasis on memorizing drink recipes. This can result in a bartender that has more theoretical knowledge of how to actually do the job, than someone who toiled their way up the ranks. In better bartending schools, the academy will offer job placement for the student, helping them to attain employment once they have successfully graduated.

One of the most important pearls of wisdom that is commonplace amongst bartenders is the rule of calm. A bartender is supposed to maintain a cool, sophisticated demeanor, no matter what is happening. If inflammatory arguments break out, its up to the tender to settle them down. If the patrons get a little rowdy, the bartender should be ready to take the reins. In this way, they are the balance, setting the pace and tempo for the entire room.

The archetype of the patron full of problems, wandering into a bar, having a few cocktails, and spilling their woes to the tender, is a common one, and this is a relatively regular occurrence. Alcohol loosens tongues, and makes it easier for people to voice what they are actually feeling. In these cases, the greatest wisdom of the bartender is simply to shut up, and listen. Most people can work through their own problems. Often all they need is a sympathetic ear to take it all in while they verbally dance around the issues they6 are facing.

One of the essential decorative elements of any good bar is a set of attractive drink coasters, such as those crafted by the artists and designers at - There artisans such as Jim Slate, the author of this article, work with a variety of slate, marble, onyx, and travertine materials to craft a wide variety of functional and attractive home accessories.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Hygiene for Bartenders

Hygiene for bartenders is one of the most important things they must understand. The following are a number of standards you need to remember in regards to hygiene and safety in a bar whether at home or at work. Most bartenders might consider them common sense, but they are extremely important and must be reviewed often not only for your health, but your coworkers and even your customers! Understanding bartending hygiene can mean the difference between keeping your job or losing it. Be sure to study your state specific laws as well, since some have more stringent requirements than others.

All customers appreciate a clean, tidy, and organized bar. Wash items like cocktail shakers and strainers after you use them and between serving other drinks. Always clean your hands with soap frequently and be sure to dry them before returning to making drinks. You especially want to do so immediately following any contact with citrus garnishes. You'll avoid any small cuts opening up on the hands and will prevent the spread of bacteria and germs.

Make sure you are always protecting your hands and fingernails since they receive the most abuse on the job. Keep your nails trimmed short and for those who paint their nails, avoid the use of bright colors. You want the customer to stay focused on the surroundings instead of what's on your nails. Avoid filling a glass to the very top. This doesn't allow for the customer to move the drink and it will have your bar smelling much worse by the end of the night. It will also prevent spills and slipping.

Remember that a bartender needs to understand the importance of hygiene each and every shift. For more bartending tips head over to Bartender Mixed and check out the free bartenders guide and information.

How To Get A Bartending Job With No Experience

I made the choice to produce the topic of how to become a bartender without having practical experience one of my very first posts because I get asked this question like crazy. People are normally in search of bar tending jobs for a lot of reasons but they also feel fearful when they don't possess expertise. So I am here to inform you ways to get a job no matter how much or how little experience you have.

Bar tending Misconceptions Revealed

One big myth pertaining to getting a bar tending job is that you really need to be certified. False! I am certainly not trashing all these schools, I am sure they are definitely a good deal of guidance, however when individuals make inquires with me I make them aware of the truth, I am not certified and I've been successful working pretty much everywhere from 4 star resorts to hole-in-the-wall gin joints. This leads me to the first, and often the most effective way, to getting a bar tending job without any working experience. Just get a job in a bar or restaurant. That was my way in. I had been working in a country club for a year when I was twenty years old. A bartender took a trip and I offered to take a few of his day shifts. They were shifts that started off at 10 o'clock in the morning. They just didn't generate a lot revenue and for that reason no one really wanted these a.m. shifts. I was more than glad to fill in. That was my way in and it also transformed my well being. When the bartender that took his honeymoon returned, I continued to tend bar and I have not gone back to being a waiter since. This particular account directs me to the point.

You'll find numerous positions you can take in a nearby restaurant or club that may lead to a bar tending position. Do not get me wrong, I do know clearly there was lots of good fortune in my position, however it will happen. Employees call in sick and no call-no show frequently. Step up to the plate and demonstrate to your boss that you're the man, or woman, for the job. If being a waiter or waitress isn't really your thing (it wasn't mine I hated it) think about bar-backing. If I had to be a server for just one more month I in all probability wouldn't have had a career change. Bar-backing is a good way to get a bar tending job. You would not believe me if I said the number of bar-backs I picked up to be bartenders. I would tell my manager that they need and deserve the chance. Bar-backing can also be a smart way to be able to get to know the bar. You will not be handling the customers as directly but nevertheless you will most likely get very busy. It isn't an effortless job, you need to definitely hustle, however like bar tending you'll make awesome dough. There were nights when me and 3 other bartenders would tip the bar-back and then they wound up making more income than we did. In other words, get out there and get a foot in the door.

Misconception #2

Something else I usually here related to the key reason why people don't pick up bar tending jobs is that it is quite hard and you've got to learn hundreds of cocktail recipes. Just as before, Not The Case! Now I am absolutely not planning to say to you it is actually very easy, but I positively have had more stressful jobs that didn't pay close to as much and were not even near to the same amount of excitement. Have a go at landscaping in hundred degree heat and then inform me bar tending's really hard. You'll have to hustle but 9 nights out of ten you've had a good time doing the work. If you are fearful in relation to tending bar being difficult in the sense that you have to memorize scores of cocktail recipes, don't be concerned. Everyone who's ever been inside a nightclub really has learned one-half the drinks which will be asked for and they are self explanatory, i.e. gin & tonic, vodka soda. There are two main contents and they're inside the drink name, how tricky is that? In case a drink is ordered that you just do not know there is absolutely no shame in either asking the patron what it is, or checking out a book. Every respectable tavern on earth has a drink recipe guide behind the bar. I have read this kind of book thousands of times. I'm sure that you're likely pondering, just how can I view it hundreds of times. In this point in time of tending bar there's so many obscure shot recipes,and unless you are Will Hunting, you can not possible remember every one of them. Everyone is continually producing new cocktails too and till the recipe and cocktail catches on it is tough to remember what they are. For this reason, I say to you not to worry about this. The best bartenders known to man do not recognize every cocktail.

Most places provide the same 20-40 cocktails and you will have all of them down pat right away. Do not be intimidated due to your lack of education or experience. Each of us has to start someplace. Just like I explained before, start out on the day shift. You will probably not generate a great deal of money from the start but it is a great place to grow. Please believe me too that ninety nine% of the watering holes in the states find it difficult to obtain day time shift bartenders. Typically they're simply very happy to have someone be there. They can care less regarding experience. Provide some initiative, practice a lot and you'll be tending P.M. shifts and making a lot of cash quickly enough.

Get Going

People acquire positions on a regular basis that they have minimal knowledge about, and tending bar isn't any different. I unquestionably understand the uneasiness but it's some thing you'll need to endure. Ideally this article will give you the self confidence to make sure you push ahead and go out and get yourself a job.

People always want to get bartending jobs but are intimidated by their lack of experience. If you want to learn how to become a bartender or want to learn the bartending basics check out

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The Why and What of Mixology Certification

Why get a Mixology Certification?

If you want to become a bartender, one certification that you should have under your belt is the mixology certification that an established bar tending school offers upon course completion.

When you're going out to find a job, it is always better that there are items up your sleeve that will support your credibility and make it easier for the employer to choose you. For a bartending job, the mixology certification gives you the credibility that the employer is looking for!

Certifications alert your prospective employer of your abilities and potential and will make an impression on them. Remember that in this world today, it does not matter what you know, but rather what you can prove you know. Any evidence you have, such as diplomas, recommendation letters, portfolios, and certifications will ultimately help your case.

The purpose of a mixology certification is to be able to quickly show other people that the holder, whose name is written on the certificate, has successfully accomplished a certain course and will imply that the person has the knowledge, skills and abilities of a professional bartender.

About Mixology

Mixology is the art and study of creating alcoholic beverages that will be served to customers. This science instills into a person basic and advanced knowledge about the different styles and techniques that every bartender should know. It also develops your knowledge and awareness about the different recipes and ingredients to create the cocktail desired by customers.

There are a lot of cocktails currently available and there are new cocktails being invented everywhere.

Having a mixology certificate tells prospective employers that you have taken the time and effort to learn many of these recipes and know how to make them, definitely a good thing.

Going through a bar tending course also teaches you the aesthetic properties, functions and effect of the use of different glasses and alcohol to people in order to always achieve the desired effect. Presentation is an important part of drinking, which is why bartenders need to know not only the recipes to create a certain cocktail but also how to properly present them to customers so that they will have more pleasure enjoying the drink. These preparations are not just aesthetic but it also has a function.

Having this certification will certainly help you become a bartender and acquire the jobs that you want. The things written above are just some of the things that you need to learn in order to become a great bartender but having the certificate tells the people around you that you are already great.

Anyone who wants to become a bartender, either in the USA or abroad, should have a mixology certification because it will certainly impress a prospective employer and give them the knowledge needed to be a professional bartender.

I run a bartending school in Baltimore, MD - if you're interested in becoming a bartender, please visit: Take a free introductory class to learn everything you want to know about bartending school:

Learn to Memorize Hundreds of Mixed Drinks

With the good pay per night and the tips from customers, working as a bartender can be a really fun way to make money. In a bar, you will usually find a lot of guests, new and regular, with different tastes in drinks. As a bartender, you have to satisfy all these people with their choice of bartender mixed drinks and in the shortest time possible. This simply means that you shouldn't have to stop every time you have an order and try to remember the recipe for mixing it or flip around pages of a bartender mixed drinks guide for confirmation.

If you are interested in working as a bartender, know that there are hundreds of bartender mixed drinks to learn and the best way would be just to memorize them. Mix drink mnemonics come in handy when you want to memorize drinks and cocktail recipes. There is no other way you could expect to remember all the hundreds of mixed drinks, especially when you are taking different orders from different patrons. You just have to learn how to memorize.

Be it beers, wines, cocktails or spirits, they have different preparations. Using bartender mnemonics will improve your memory more than you could imagine. In time, you will remember all the bartender mixed drinks without a problem. There is nothing worse than giving a customer the wrong mixed drink. Chances are that you won't be seeing him/her again in your bar if you don't want to lose your customers then memorize your mixed drinks.

Memorizing the hundreds of mixed drinks available can be made easier with a Drink Mnemonics Memory System. It's an audio program prepared with the use of mnemonics and other memorization techniques. This helps bartenders to memorize drinks in the shortest time possible. The best thing is that the system is professionally designed by experts and the success rates are very high.

With such a system, you can eliminate the inconveniences of going to bartender schools, thus, saving time and money. Going to school for bartender training can really be hectic, especially when you are a busy person or if it takes you a lot of time to memorizing things from books and index cards. The audio mnemonics systems are much more convenient since you can listen to them until you are sure that you can do it alone.

Learning to remember bartender mix drinks will help you a lot in your job as a bartender. Your customers will view you as a professional who is serious about his/her job. Memorizing the hundreds of mixed drinks helps you to be sharp. You won't irritate your customers by having them to repeat their orders. Once you are told something, you will already know what the customer wants.

Bartender Audio will teach you how to make mix drinks through Audio, mnemonics and interactive training presentations plus many extras.

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Is Bartending School Right For Me?

It is easy to see the appeal in the bartending profession: bartenders lead exciting lives.

Bartenders get to have fun mixing drinks and meeting new people, all while on the clock!

In addition to having a good time, bartenders tend to make good money!

While bartending is a service industry job, like waitering, bartenders tend to make substantially more in tips than the average waiter.

But not all bartenders are made equal.

The key to becoming a successful bartender is the proper training, which can only be acquired if one graduates bartending school.

Sure, any average Joe who can pour a shot, mix a drink, or hand over a beer can call himself a bartender.

But training can give you the leg up you need to rise above the rest and become a professional bartender.

Why settle as just another average, mediocre bartender when you can become a professional?

You won't find yourself sitting sitting in lectures taking notes. Instead, you'll get real experience learning how to tend bar and mix perfect cocktails.

You'll start out building your foundation:

* How to set up a bar.

* How to use the equipment, including the utensils and glassware.

* How to free pour liquor correctly and accurately.

* How to pour beer and how to present wine.

* How to prepare beautiful garnishes.

* How to work the cash register and manage the cash.

* How to recognize when a patron should be cut off from purchasing additional drinks.

At bartending school, you'll also learn about the many different beers, wines, liquors, and spirits that most bars keep in stock.

You'll learn about their histories, how they're made, and how to use them.

By the time you graduate, you'll be an expert!

Of course, you'll also memorize all the classic drink recipes, which are crucial to any bartender's arsenal. In addition to the classics, you'll learn the latest popular mixed drinks, shots, and shooters.

Eventually, you'll learn more advanced information:

How to mix drinks quickly using speed drills. If you tend a busy bar, you'll need to prepare drinks rapidly and correctly. These speed tricks will come in handy!

How to "up sell" more expensive beers and liquors.

And, perhaps most importantly, you'll learn how to give great customer service (without simply giving out free drinks) and how to present yourself during an interview with a potential employer.

Remember, bartenders do more than simply serve drinks.

Bartenders also serve as hosts who are there to provide patrons with a good time.

What's great about attending bartending school is that most offer job placement and guest bartending opportunities.

In some areas, especially in metropolitan cities, it can be difficult to land your first bartending job on your own.

If you're serious about bartending, this might be the right choice for you.

After all, it's the bartenders with professional training who land the jobs tending bar at expensive clubs and trendy hotels.

The proper bartending training is essential for anyone who is considering entering into the field of bartending.

Receiving the right bartending tips and tricks will make anyone an asset to bars /clubs who are hiring. Bartending school will teach you these skills in order to help you start your exciting career.

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All About Bartending School

If a survey was taken of employees in the business world, a surprising number would admit to moonlighting as a bartender. At some point in life, every person would admit to at least a peaked interest in becoming a bartender. The glitzy, glamorous excitement behind the bar is what draws an individual to step behind the bar and become a certified mixologist.

There are two basic forms of Bartending School available: hands on and online. Either option is suitable. It all depends on an individual's needs. If looking to make a few impressive drinks at the next cocktail party is what's desired, then online bartending school would be the right choice. For those looking to make a career change or add a second job to the mix, a brick and mortar bartending school would be the better option.

For traditional bartending schools, there are places such as ABC Bartending School. Here, a family owned school has locations across the country. With a background rich in restaurant and hospitality, the owner promises success in the bartending industry after certification from his school. The cost of the program includes job placement assistance following completion. Classes are held in the morning and the evening, including weekends. This is done to accommodate individual schedules. In addition to the training, alcohol awareness training is also provided.

Online bartending schools are gaining a bigger presence on the Internet. Schools such as offer the opportunity to obtain bartending certification status in the comforts of home. Included with the online course is the book needed to learn how to mix drinks with the recipes found in the book. Also contained in the book are secrets to finding the best bartending jobs, whatever the location. This online course teaches the same principles as taught in traditional bartending schools. The only difference is the cost and the connivance factor.

Written by Ant Onaf. Find the latest infomration on bartending school as well as alcohol certification.