Sunday, December 25, 2011

Attention Scotch Lovers

Loading ... Loading ...When I first tried coffee, I hated it.  When I first tried beer, I hated it.  When I first tried scotch I hated it.  What I’ve leared over the years is that taste buds evolve and become refined over time.  Now I can’t drink enough coffee in the morning and enough beer at night to quench my limitless thirst for these fine beverages.  Scotch, however is something I admit I’m still trying to conquer, but thanks to Master of Malt ( I’ve gotten my first glimpse of this new and exciting more sophisticated world of getting drunk.

Recently we were contacted by Master of Malt who offered to send us a scotch sampler pack for us to review.  Of course we welcome all free booze being sent our way and were promptly shipped 3 high end scotches.   Each type of scotch came in a cool sampling jar (picture shown) and contain premium scotches that might normally be out of your price range.  Especially as a newcomer to the scotch world, its painful to shell out £100 – £200 on a bottle of scotch without at least a little taste test first.   Apparently these little sampling jars are referred to as Drams and you can pick your poison on their website here:  Prices start at £1.95 and up depending on how old and premium the scotch is.  Really there is no limit to their stock of quality scotches.

Here are the samplers that we received:

Master of Malt Bowmore 26 Year Old

Ichiro’s Malt 1991 Five of Clubs

Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist 16 Year Old 1990

Now when the scotch arrived the dudes at Joe Bartneder were pretty excited.  Our plan was to have a sofisticated sampling session, offering our astute reviews of each of the 3 Drams provided by Master of Malt while smoking cigars and discussing world issues.  What ended up happening is we drank the Drams during a party and got too drunk to remember what we liked and what each Scotch tasted like (they were good though!).  It seems the dudes at Joe Bartender still have some growing up to do.  In either case I can still highly recommend Master of Malt as the perfect way to get your hands on some super high quality scotches at a very affordable price.  You won’t be disapointed.

Also with Christmas coming up there are some great ideas on their Whiskey Gift Page.  Take a look through these great Whiskey Gift Ideas.


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