Friday, November 25, 2011

Hygiene for Bartenders

Hygiene for bartenders is one of the most important things they must understand. The following are a number of standards you need to remember in regards to hygiene and safety in a bar whether at home or at work. Most bartenders might consider them common sense, but they are extremely important and must be reviewed often not only for your health, but your coworkers and even your customers! Understanding bartending hygiene can mean the difference between keeping your job or losing it. Be sure to study your state specific laws as well, since some have more stringent requirements than others.

All customers appreciate a clean, tidy, and organized bar. Wash items like cocktail shakers and strainers after you use them and between serving other drinks. Always clean your hands with soap frequently and be sure to dry them before returning to making drinks. You especially want to do so immediately following any contact with citrus garnishes. You'll avoid any small cuts opening up on the hands and will prevent the spread of bacteria and germs.

Make sure you are always protecting your hands and fingernails since they receive the most abuse on the job. Keep your nails trimmed short and for those who paint their nails, avoid the use of bright colors. You want the customer to stay focused on the surroundings instead of what's on your nails. Avoid filling a glass to the very top. This doesn't allow for the customer to move the drink and it will have your bar smelling much worse by the end of the night. It will also prevent spills and slipping.

Remember that a bartender needs to understand the importance of hygiene each and every shift. For more bartending tips head over to Bartender Mixed and check out the free bartenders guide and information.

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