Saturday, December 10, 2011

Absinthe – The Green Fairy

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I’m sure many of you have heard all kinds of rumours about Absinthe. Here is the straight up truth, Absinthe, with or without wormwood and high thujone levels will not make you high or hallucinate.  Yes, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Back in the 1800s, Absinthe, which was incredibly popular at the time was used as a scapegoat for the murderous rampage of some individual and banned in France.  Many countries followed suit.  In the 1970s an incorrect research paper claimed thujones had the same molecular shape as THC found in marijuana and thus the same chemical reactions.  All these elements have shrouded the spirit in mystery and misunderstanding.

Enough with the science.

One thing is for sure: Absinthe gets you messed up.

However, the reason being is it’s high alcohol content (45 – 75%).  After drinking it, some people report a different sort of buzz and I’m going to agree.  I’m sure many of you have found that drinking whiskey vs wine vs beer all provide a different drunken experience.  Absinthe is no different.

JoeBartender was lucky enough to have some free samples of  Le Tourment Vert sent to us to test out (Thanks Kayla).  I had my drink after a few beers and there is no doubt, it kicked my ass.  My delicious Sundance Lift zoned me out and sent me to bed for the night.

Often Absinthe is mixed with water and some burning carmelized sugar, but there are actually some tasty recipes out there.  Here are a few provided by Le Tourment Vert branded Absinthe:

Le Tourment Vert Poison Apple Martini
Le Tourment Vert Triple French Martini
Le Tourment Vert Tourment Trance
Le Tourment Vert Green on Main
Le Tourment Vert Sundance Lift

For those of you who have tried Absinthe how did it make you feel? Did you see the lucky charms leprechaun flying around the room after a glass, did it get you wasted, or did it just make you sleepy, or maybe wasted and sleepy?

Let us know!

Popularity: 32% [?]

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