Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bartending School: 10 Questions for Aspiring Bartenders

Becoming a Bartender

We all have one point seen ourselves behind the bar slinging drinks like Tom did in his famous movie role. But before we do, there are few things we must consider:

Are we ready to give up our weekends?
Is working late hours something we are comfortable with?
Are we what we call a "people person"?
Can we take orders and remain calm under pressure?
Do we deal with patrons that could become rude and rowdy?

Bartending can be a very lucrative and reward career. For others, it can be a simple sideline job while in school. Whatever it may be, bartending does require certain skills that can be taught in bartending schools and experienced in the line of fire.

A professional bartender understands both the needs of the clients and what is required to become effective during service. A bartender's quick check list:

Is my liquor inventory up to par?
Is my beer inventory properly stocked?
Are my fruits and condiments prepared?
Do I have enough ice?
Does my till have enough change?

A bartender knows what can be called the "golden hours" at which point all they do is take orders and serve drinks. To maximize the full potential, preparation is key.

Bartending School

An important part of any hospitality environment is the personnel they hire. Hospitality operators at times struggle to find the right people. In regards to hiring the right people for your bar, you may consider giving extra attention to a resume that does include a bartending school certificate or recognition.

Bartending schools are designed to teach people how to serve at the bar. They follow all the theories pertaining to the industry and then will add their personal experiences which they have lived.

Why consider a certified bartender:

Knowledge of recipes
Methodology of makes drinks is taught: beers, wines and cocktails
Proper service techniques
Importance of liquor inventory management
Enhanced customer relation

It is also a good idea to call the bartending school as both a reference in regards to the employee you are considering, but also a way to create a relationship with the school for future staffing needs. The right school with the right reference can totally aid you in getting into and succeeding in the bar industry. Also look into specialty schools to help fill niche bartending roles

Education is gold and your "liquid" assets sales will only benefit from it.

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