Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Is Bartending School Right For Me?

It is easy to see the appeal in the bartending profession: bartenders lead exciting lives.

Bartenders get to have fun mixing drinks and meeting new people, all while on the clock!

In addition to having a good time, bartenders tend to make good money!

While bartending is a service industry job, like waitering, bartenders tend to make substantially more in tips than the average waiter.

But not all bartenders are made equal.

The key to becoming a successful bartender is the proper training, which can only be acquired if one graduates bartending school.

Sure, any average Joe who can pour a shot, mix a drink, or hand over a beer can call himself a bartender.

But training can give you the leg up you need to rise above the rest and become a professional bartender.

Why settle as just another average, mediocre bartender when you can become a professional?

You won't find yourself sitting sitting in lectures taking notes. Instead, you'll get real experience learning how to tend bar and mix perfect cocktails.

You'll start out building your foundation:

* How to set up a bar.

* How to use the equipment, including the utensils and glassware.

* How to free pour liquor correctly and accurately.

* How to pour beer and how to present wine.

* How to prepare beautiful garnishes.

* How to work the cash register and manage the cash.

* How to recognize when a patron should be cut off from purchasing additional drinks.

At bartending school, you'll also learn about the many different beers, wines, liquors, and spirits that most bars keep in stock.

You'll learn about their histories, how they're made, and how to use them.

By the time you graduate, you'll be an expert!

Of course, you'll also memorize all the classic drink recipes, which are crucial to any bartender's arsenal. In addition to the classics, you'll learn the latest popular mixed drinks, shots, and shooters.

Eventually, you'll learn more advanced information:

How to mix drinks quickly using speed drills. If you tend a busy bar, you'll need to prepare drinks rapidly and correctly. These speed tricks will come in handy!

How to "up sell" more expensive beers and liquors.

And, perhaps most importantly, you'll learn how to give great customer service (without simply giving out free drinks) and how to present yourself during an interview with a potential employer.

Remember, bartenders do more than simply serve drinks.

Bartenders also serve as hosts who are there to provide patrons with a good time.

What's great about attending bartending school is that most offer job placement and guest bartending opportunities.

In some areas, especially in metropolitan cities, it can be difficult to land your first bartending job on your own.

If you're serious about bartending, this might be the right choice for you.

After all, it's the bartenders with professional training who land the jobs tending bar at expensive clubs and trendy hotels.

The proper bartending training is essential for anyone who is considering entering into the field of bartending.

Receiving the right bartending tips and tricks will make anyone an asset to bars /clubs who are hiring. Bartending school will teach you these skills in order to help you start your exciting career.

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