Monday, November 21, 2011

All About Bartending School

If a survey was taken of employees in the business world, a surprising number would admit to moonlighting as a bartender. At some point in life, every person would admit to at least a peaked interest in becoming a bartender. The glitzy, glamorous excitement behind the bar is what draws an individual to step behind the bar and become a certified mixologist.

There are two basic forms of Bartending School available: hands on and online. Either option is suitable. It all depends on an individual's needs. If looking to make a few impressive drinks at the next cocktail party is what's desired, then online bartending school would be the right choice. For those looking to make a career change or add a second job to the mix, a brick and mortar bartending school would be the better option.

For traditional bartending schools, there are places such as ABC Bartending School. Here, a family owned school has locations across the country. With a background rich in restaurant and hospitality, the owner promises success in the bartending industry after certification from his school. The cost of the program includes job placement assistance following completion. Classes are held in the morning and the evening, including weekends. This is done to accommodate individual schedules. In addition to the training, alcohol awareness training is also provided.

Online bartending schools are gaining a bigger presence on the Internet. Schools such as offer the opportunity to obtain bartending certification status in the comforts of home. Included with the online course is the book needed to learn how to mix drinks with the recipes found in the book. Also contained in the book are secrets to finding the best bartending jobs, whatever the location. This online course teaches the same principles as taught in traditional bartending schools. The only difference is the cost and the connivance factor.

Written by Ant Onaf. Find the latest infomration on bartending school as well as alcohol certification.

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