Friday, December 2, 2011

Secrets to Becoming a Successful Bartender

A bartender is a person who serves drinks and beverages in bars, taverns and similar places. A bartender is also referred to as a barkeeper, a tapster, a barmaid, a barman or a mixologist. There are many bartenders in Canada.

To become a successful bartender, one has to have the skills and knowledge required by the job. Professional bartenders enjoy rewarding but very demanding careers. Highly trained bartenders are expected to offer high quality work to their customers in different occasions. They are often involved in corporate functions, engagements, weddings, confirmations, holiday parties, private parties and even boat cruises. A good number of licensed bartenders travel with their tools of trade to various venues giving them exposure and experience. This diversity earns them much money. Toronto bartending has several licensed bartenders involved in this kind of service.

So, what makes a good bartender in Ontario? To start with highly trained bartenders should be licensed. Licensed bartenders have freedom of movement and choice. They can move within lawfully allowed areas to offer their services without restrictions. Most of the highly trained bartenders involved in Toronto bartending are licensed bartenders. Having a license has the added advantage of being able to start a personal business and be recognized by bartending agencies and companies. It also adds credibility to the bartenders' business and personal portfolio.

Another highly trained bartender's secret is the knowledge of different drinks and their recipes. A good bartender, being also a mixologist is expected to know different kinds and mixtures of beer, milkshakes, softdrinks, soups, cocktails, coffee and wine among others. There are various bartending online and offline resource material and courses that offer knowledge on thousands of drink recipes and mixtures. Toronto has opened several bartending schools and institutions to offer such courses. Toronto bartending schools and institutions rank among the best in the world.

The other important aspect on drinks for highly trained bartenders is knowledge of glassware. Some customers prefer taking specific drinks in specific glassware. The Martini drink for instance is usually served in its signature glass. Another useful tip on drinks is to know how to stir one before serving it. The drink's ingredients are first poured into the mixing glass, slowly stirred in the clockwise direction and then poured on some cold ice inside the glassware. This practice is common in Toronto bartending.

Highly trained bartenders are also expected to be good event managers. The events may range from weddings to birthday parties and the bartender is expected to supervise over wait staff and servers. Most licensed bartenders are managers by virtue of owning the bars they tend in. As managers they also take payments, ensure that there are enough supplies and keep inventory records. Some bars also offer counseling services to the clientele, with the managers being at times called upon to answer various questions on issues like directions and sports. This is the case for several Toronto bartenders. As a manager therefore, the bartender serves as the public image of the bar.

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