Thursday, December 1, 2011

What Do I Get From Bartending Training?

Are you interested in obtaining a bartending license in Maryland?

Well, there isn't a technical bartending "license", but you can obtain a bartending certificate through a licensed bartending school. It is like a license for good employment though; bartending employers search out a bartending college certification as

What Do I Get From Training And A Certification?

Bartending is a wide and diverse field, but there are many standard practices that the best employers are looking for. From expert mixology classes to learning the best methods for working a crowd, a bartender school will get you prepared for the real world of bartending.

Other than securing a job, a bartending certification will provide you with the skills to achieve the best wages, the best positions, and the most profitable shifts. Across Maryland, employers say that a reputable bartending college affects their choice when hiring new bartenders.

What You Learn?

Obviously, the most important part of the job is to serve good drinks and cocktails to your customers.

Other than mixing popular cocktails you will learn:

Methods of mixing
Liquor arrangements
Opening and closing procedures
Bartending recipes
Tricks (aka, Flair)
Crowd Management
How to Please For Better Tips

Bartending Laws in Maryland

There are a couple of pertinent laws in Maryland that relate to your ability to bartend in the state.

Minimum Serving Age: In this state, you must be at least 21 years of age to serve alcohol. To work as a busboy or bar-back you need only be 16, but there is no handling of alcohol allowed in these positions.
Required Training: Every bartender in Maryland must undergo an alcohol awareness-training program prior to being hired and serving alcoholic beverages to customers.
Certification Renewal: In order to continue work as a bartender, an alcohol awareness-training program must be completed every four years.

Bartending Certificate as a "License"

Though, a certification is not a license per se, it is a piece of paper that gives you a special edge over your competition.

Additionally Maryland law does require a safety course for people working behind the bar, and this requirement is fulfilled with your bartending education.

Finding a bartending job, without prior experience, can be hard. Good there are bartending schools that teach you how to bartend throughout all of America. Bartending could be an extremely lucrative career if you have the heart and passion for it. If you are looking for a great Virginia bartending school that teaches you how to mix drinks and make people happy, there is only one place to go. Contact the Maryland Bartending Academy!

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