Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Hangover Cure – Part 2

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Well its no secret, the owners of Joe Bartender like to drink.  Luckily the word is out and some fine companies have been rushing to solve our greatest nemisis: the hangover.   First we had Zaca who provided us with their cool hangover patches, and now we have Drinkwel ( and their hangover pills.  These pills are the first multivitamin specially formulated for healthy people who drink, designed to replenish lost nutrients, support healthy liver function, and help prevent hangovers. Yea, everyone knows that kids have always had flinstone vitamins to look after their growing bones, its nice to know that for people who like to booze we have Drinkwel to look after punished livers!

The package we were provided with shipped with a bottle of pills and some cool single use packs for those on the road hangover emergencies.  I have been pretty consistent in taking my anti hangover pills and I think it helps.  For me the real help is those nights where you have a few pints and have to get up bright and early for work.  I find the multivitamins plus a few glasses of water really keeps you feeling great the next morning.

Give the Drinkwel hangover pills a try today and let us know how it worked for you!


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