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How To Get A Bartending Job With No Experience

I made the choice to produce the topic of how to become a bartender without having practical experience one of my very first posts because I get asked this question like crazy. People are normally in search of bar tending jobs for a lot of reasons but they also feel fearful when they don't possess expertise. So I am here to inform you ways to get a job no matter how much or how little experience you have.

Bar tending Misconceptions Revealed

One big myth pertaining to getting a bar tending job is that you really need to be certified. False! I am certainly not trashing all these schools, I am sure they are definitely a good deal of guidance, however when individuals make inquires with me I make them aware of the truth, I am not certified and I've been successful working pretty much everywhere from 4 star resorts to hole-in-the-wall gin joints. This leads me to the first, and often the most effective way, to getting a bar tending job without any working experience. Just get a job in a bar or restaurant. That was my way in. I had been working in a country club for a year when I was twenty years old. A bartender took a trip and I offered to take a few of his day shifts. They were shifts that started off at 10 o'clock in the morning. They just didn't generate a lot revenue and for that reason no one really wanted these a.m. shifts. I was more than glad to fill in. That was my way in and it also transformed my well being. When the bartender that took his honeymoon returned, I continued to tend bar and I have not gone back to being a waiter since. This particular account directs me to the point.

You'll find numerous positions you can take in a nearby restaurant or club that may lead to a bar tending position. Do not get me wrong, I do know clearly there was lots of good fortune in my position, however it will happen. Employees call in sick and no call-no show frequently. Step up to the plate and demonstrate to your boss that you're the man, or woman, for the job. If being a waiter or waitress isn't really your thing (it wasn't mine I hated it) think about bar-backing. If I had to be a server for just one more month I in all probability wouldn't have had a career change. Bar-backing is a good way to get a bar tending job. You would not believe me if I said the number of bar-backs I picked up to be bartenders. I would tell my manager that they need and deserve the chance. Bar-backing can also be a smart way to be able to get to know the bar. You will not be handling the customers as directly but nevertheless you will most likely get very busy. It isn't an effortless job, you need to definitely hustle, however like bar tending you'll make awesome dough. There were nights when me and 3 other bartenders would tip the bar-back and then they wound up making more income than we did. In other words, get out there and get a foot in the door.

Misconception #2

Something else I usually here related to the key reason why people don't pick up bar tending jobs is that it is quite hard and you've got to learn hundreds of cocktail recipes. Just as before, Not The Case! Now I am absolutely not planning to say to you it is actually very easy, but I positively have had more stressful jobs that didn't pay close to as much and were not even near to the same amount of excitement. Have a go at landscaping in hundred degree heat and then inform me bar tending's really hard. You'll have to hustle but 9 nights out of ten you've had a good time doing the work. If you are fearful in relation to tending bar being difficult in the sense that you have to memorize scores of cocktail recipes, don't be concerned. Everyone who's ever been inside a nightclub really has learned one-half the drinks which will be asked for and they are self explanatory, i.e. gin & tonic, vodka soda. There are two main contents and they're inside the drink name, how tricky is that? In case a drink is ordered that you just do not know there is absolutely no shame in either asking the patron what it is, or checking out a book. Every respectable tavern on earth has a drink recipe guide behind the bar. I have read this kind of book thousands of times. I'm sure that you're likely pondering, just how can I view it hundreds of times. In this point in time of tending bar there's so many obscure shot recipes,and unless you are Will Hunting, you can not possible remember every one of them. Everyone is continually producing new cocktails too and till the recipe and cocktail catches on it is tough to remember what they are. For this reason, I say to you not to worry about this. The best bartenders known to man do not recognize every cocktail.

Most places provide the same 20-40 cocktails and you will have all of them down pat right away. Do not be intimidated due to your lack of education or experience. Each of us has to start someplace. Just like I explained before, start out on the day shift. You will probably not generate a great deal of money from the start but it is a great place to grow. Please believe me too that ninety nine% of the watering holes in the states find it difficult to obtain day time shift bartenders. Typically they're simply very happy to have someone be there. They can care less regarding experience. Provide some initiative, practice a lot and you'll be tending P.M. shifts and making a lot of cash quickly enough.

Get Going

People acquire positions on a regular basis that they have minimal knowledge about, and tending bar isn't any different. I unquestionably understand the uneasiness but it's some thing you'll need to endure. Ideally this article will give you the self confidence to make sure you push ahead and go out and get yourself a job.

People always want to get bartending jobs but are intimidated by their lack of experience. If you want to learn how to become a bartender or want to learn the bartending basics check out

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