Monday, December 19, 2011

America Votes: Obama Slamma vs. McCain Maverick

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or in Luxembourg, you’ve probably seen your share of coverage on the upcoming US presidential election. Since themed drinks seem to be a hot ticket on I thought I’d whip up two drinks in honor of each candidate and pit them head to head in the ultimate title match.

According to some highly scientific calculations, the winner of this challenge will, in fact, end up winning the US election; so vote with your heart (and your taste-buds).

First up is a drink in honor of Mr. Barack Obama:


1 oz Blue Curacao4 oz Florida Orange Juice3 oz Chilled (cheap) Champagne1 Maraschino Cherry

How to Make it:

You will want it ending up in a blue tinge as any true democratic drink should be, so mix the curacao and orange juice accordingly. Since it’s necessary that Obama win the state of Florida, ONLY Florida squeezed orange juice is acceptable. Barack has 1 car, and 1 house, so fill the Collins glass up with a dash of the cheapest champagne you can find. Garish with one bright red maraschino cherry to show some bipartisan support.


1 oz Prune Juice1 oz Light RumCrushed Ice from your favorite melting glacier (Alaskan if possible)5 Drops Red Food Coloring1 Maraschino Cherry1/4 tsp Superfine SugarRed Lipstick

How to Make it:

Since this drink is designed for those over the age of 72, prune juice is an essential (and challenging) ingredient. Mix the prune juice, sugar, light rum, and food coloring in a glass. The mixture should turn from a brown to Republican red color. Travel to Alaska and crush some ice from a glacier of your choice. Mix everything together in a plastic cup (since it is essentially made out of oil) and garnish with a maraschino cherry. Put some lipstick on the rim to signify that Sarah Palin approves. Best enjoyed while watching the movie Top Gun or any other film including a brazen Maverick.

Vote above to to impact the map: 

Popularity: 29% [?]

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