Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sailor Jerry Rum

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sailor_jerry.gifI drink a lot of rum. Specifically I drink a lot of Rum and Diet Cokes. That may sound like heresy, but try it. Rum with regular Coke is too sweet for me. The strange flavor of Diet Coke combined with the sweetness of rum really works for me. But that’s kind of off the point.

Since moving to Austin I have started frequenting TWIN LIQUORS which is within walking distance of my apartment. The first time I stopped in, it was to pick up my previous standby Captain Morgan. But then I noticed a bottle with a hula girl on it emblazoned with the name SAILOR JERRY. I figured if this rum was branded with the name of the famous tattoo artist it must have something going for it. Plus, it was only $14.99. I bought it, figuring I would at least have a cool bottle. As it turned out, I was VERY pleased with the contents inside.

This isn’t a tropical, coconut-y, girly rum. This is rum for tattooed sailors. First off, it’s 92-proof. But the flavor is really well balanced. It’s sweet but not too sweet, and it’s actually kind of spicy.

The Sailor Jerry website describes it like this: Distilled in the US Virgin Islands, this 92 proof spiced rum is based on the “customized” rums that sailors used to create when they had nothing better to do. Other rums are panty-waisted, soul-less (and ball-less in comparison.

That description is very accurate. This is rum with testosterone. This is a rum on a mission to rescue the reputation of rum from those who have turned it into a girly drink. It is damn good stuff.

It works great mixed with my old standby: Diet Coke. I know, not very manly. Even better… if you like it sweet, mix it with Vanilla Coke.

Popularity: 66% [?]

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