Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Bartender Secrets

When you think of becoming a bartender you tend to think of it as a simple as well as an appealing career. You can be a freelancer (private parties and such,) working in a family restaurant, in a pub, a vacation resort, aboard a cruise ship and the list goes on and on.

Bartender jobs require a good personality. You must like people. A person who is reliable and punctual. Being good looking doesn't hurt either. Neat and presentable. Bartender skills or knowledge and then you need math skill as well. A bartender may also be called a barkeep, tapster, barmaid, barman or mixologist (a specialist in mixing drinks.)

An individual, either male or female, who is serious about having a career as a bartender should seriously think about learning how to become a bartender. There are schools that specialize in training individuals how to become bartenders. You can find them online and maybe even locally. Or you may become an apprentice of an experienced individual who will train you in the art becoming a bartender. Someone who already works as a bartender.

There are many ways of learning the art of mixing drinks and the list is endless. One way to learn is the Online Bartenders Secrets. This secrets guides will help you learn about mixing and dispensing drinks. And all bartenders develop their own way and style of using their bartender recipes. This secrets guide is a good place to start. Here you will learn which equipment is needed for different drinks and how to use such equipment. Drinks like cocktails, hot drinks, martinis, shooters, jello shots, punches and yes, even non-alcoholic drinks will be requested.

As you learn and become more aware of what is involved in bartender jobs, you will either put your drink recipes on cards and file them in a box, write them in a book or you could use a bartender cheat sheet. With a bartender cheat sheet you will eliminate the need to open a recipe book or pull a card out of the file. It will make your job easier and quicker.

Here are a couple of bartender secrets you should know to be successful.

First - are the skills and the knowledge needed to do the job. A career bartender is trained and expected to offer quality service to the customers. This job is very rewarding, but it is also a very demanding job. There will be times you will be overseeing and managing the staff for some sort of party or celebration.

Second - You may or may not need to be licensed or certified, but, best you check with the requirements of your state/Country for both. Also being certified and licensed show you are serious and committed to your career. And adds creditability to your personal and business portfolio.

There are virtual bartender sites which will enable you to contact people in your field and keep you up to date with the latest fads. There will also be the opportunity to interact with others on a personal basis as well.

A career, as a professional bartender, is a skill to last you a lifetime. It can be full time or it can be part time. And you can earn anywhere from $150.00 - $300.00 per day. Your choice.


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